TSC employment interviews are scheduled to commence on Thursday of 22nd July, 2021. In preparation, schools have continued to send invitation message to applicants. Among the information contained in the text message is list of documents to present during the day of interview.

However, one document has had applicants talking. Some schools have listed graduation booklet showing the name of the applicant amongst the document to be presented during interview. This has raised concern as the document is not in TSC employment requirements. Below are some samples of such Invitation texts.

Dear applicant,
You are invited for a TSC recruitment for **** Girls secondary school at **** Day secondary School on Thursday 22/07/2021 from 8.00am .
Bring originals of the following,
#Tsc Registration Certificate
#NCPWD card where applicable
#KCPE/KCSE Certificates Plus Leaving Certificates
#Degree/Diploma Certificates
# Transcripts
#Evidence of Internship
# Graduation booklet showing your name
# Academic performance of classes you’ve been teaching duly signed by the principal
#Any other testimonials
NB If you attempted Kcpe/KCSE more than once carry all the certificates.”

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Some have termed the move by it as a tactic by these schools to lock out the some applicants in favour of the preferred candidate. Some of them cannot trace it within the short period before interviews begin. Those who graduated recently online did not get the privilege to get the booklet. They want now county directors to come clear on the requirement.

This comes a time when TSC has released the staggering number of unemployed teachers who applied for this year’s jobs. Over 350,000 jobless teachers applied for the 9,000 teaching vacancies that were advertised by the Teachers Service Commission.

In yet another signal on the state of joblessness in Kenya, the hundreds of thousands of teachers will now battle it out in interviews that are slated to start from July 22 and end on July 28.

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The interviews for the positions will be conducted by interview panels that will be spread across the country and spearheaded by TSC County directors, school management board chairs, education specialists and principals. The outcome of the interviews is expected to be made by September this year.

The TSC has been facing criticism over what has been termed as its decision to award teachers under its internship program higher chances of getting employed.

This is after the TSC announced that it had increased points to be awarded to teachers serving as interns from 10 to 30 per cent. AT the same time, points awarded from unemployed teachers who graduate from college fell from 50 per cent to 25 per cent.

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In the latest teaching vacancies, the TSC is seeking to employ 4,000 new secondary school teachers to be employed on a permanent and pensionable term. 2,897 more will be hired to replace retired teachers in high schools.

TSC announced 1,000 vacancies in primary schools and also intends to promote 1,000 teachers from primary to secondary schools. In addition, 927 new teachers will also be hired to replace those who retired or quit their jobs in primary schools.

Under the TSC scoring system, teachers with a Masters degree, and first class honours bachelor’s degree who graduated in year 2015 or earlier will also gain a massive boost. It is this category of teachers together with interns who will stand the best chances of getting jobs with the commission.


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