In the first nine months of the current financial years, Teachers service Commission TSC spent ksh.206B to compensate it’s employees, becoming the highest spender among government ministries, agencies and departments.

On the other side,other ministries, agencies and departments spent a total of sh. 354.45B within the same period. On the review of National Government Budget Implementation done by Margaret Nyakang’o the budget controller report for 2020-2021, it showed the teachers compensation stood at 53.3% of total expenditure on payouts to employees by the national government.

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Nyakang’o said,” The teachers service Commission TSC recorded the highest expenditure on compensation to employees at sh 206B, translating to 57.3% of total expenditure on compensation to employees by the national government.

The report released by Nyakang’o is in line with the Kenyan Constitution article 228, section 9 of the controller of budget Act 2016.Which requires after every four months a report for the national and county governments should be submitted by Nyakang’o to Parliament quarterly budget Implementation.

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The reason as to why the government and Teacher Service Commission TSC are delaying negotiation process for 2021-2025 CBA is because the teachers wage bill is too high. If next month the new CBA is signed to review teachers Salary the TSC budget will increase significantly and according to sources that’s what the TSC and controller of budget are trying to avoid.

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