The Ministry of Education in conjunction with that of interior has planned a community based learning platform where all the teachers under the TSC payroll will be brought on board to keep learners busy by teaching them life skills. To take part in the CBL program, one is required to register with official in the zonal offices.

The ministry has further gone ahead to direct teachers to register and conduct the community based learning in their local villages and estates.

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The directive by the ministry has however raised concerns amongst teachers about the motive behind. Some teachers fear that teachers service commission might use the CBL initiative to transfer them permanently into their local homes and villages against their wishes.

In analogy, the government plans to suspend boarding schools in the whole country next year to minimize intercounty movement of learners. This is seen as a measure to of curbing the spread of COVID-19.

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The ministry of education has indicated that in future teachers will only be employed to work in their local homes to reduce the risks of spreading the virus. According to MoH, intercounty movement if people has contributed immensely to the spread of COVID-19. This has also seen delocalization of teachers disappear in the air

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It’s barely two years since TSC kicked off the delocalization of teachers from home counties. Critics have argued that the move has finally come back to haunt the Commission considering the situation in the education sector.


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