The Kenyan learning institutions have remained closed since covid-19 pandemic started in early March this year. Around 15 million students and pupils have been affected since they have been at home since that time.

At the same time, teachers who were employed by the Board of Managements in these schools to cater for teacher shortages have since found themselves jobless. As a matter of fact, they haven’t received any payment since then.

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This is the same story to our teachers in Private Schools. They have not received any penny since schools were shutdown. For them as well as their BOM counterparts, life has been a mountain with a sharp gradient to climb.

Recently, the Education ministry indicated that it will do what is required to ensure that the teachers employed by the Board of Managements in schools are paid. Obviously the ministry will release the funds to schools for these teachers to be paid and other support staff.

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What will happen for the case of Private School teachers? How will they be paid? This is the big question? Personally I think it would be impossible for them to get cushioned by the government. Remember they are from private entities that are not supported by the government. It will only happen if the private schools directors are granted monies by the government in terms of loans.

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In my opinion it is hard for the private school teachers to get cushioned by the government during this coronavirus pandemic. It is only easy for the teachers employed in public institutions to get paid.


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