Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has issued new orders aimed at tracking school girls who may be pregnant or have just given birth. This follows a recent stern warning by President Uhuru Kenyatta, to Chiefs, over -19 break.

The President together with Education Ministry Cs Magoha seems to divert their anger towards the Chiefs instead of going for the culprits.

Here is some reasons why men are falling for young schoolgirls and impregnating them.

lack of knowledge on sex education

Sex education has been on thing our school curriculum avoids. Young girls have no knowledge on how to protect themselves and even say no to men. They only see western soap movies which predict love affairs to be easy and what such things in their life.

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Covid-19 pandemic.
the closure of schools due to covid-19 has made girls always available at home. These girls are idle and have nothing to do in particular. Due to their adolescence stage, they are natural prey to men. They are easy to get for most men. They also are also experiencing eager to have a relationship .

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Irresponsible parents.
Most parents have always left the burden of disciplining their children to teachers. With absence of teachers, children are very indiscipline and even control their parents. They do what they want without questions from their parents. This has led to young girls failing in the trap of men as their parents are not concern.

Idle mind.
They say idle mind is the devils workshop. Young girls are idle and have total nothing to do. They only think of meeting men. This makes it easy to fall in men trap as they are idles and readily available.

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Immoral society.
Kenyan society has adopted capitalistic attitude. People no longer care about others. They careless about what other do or say about them. Due to this men are comfortable mingling with school girls. No one bothers with other peoples life, they say man for himself and God for us all.

With this attitude in our society, we will never reduce teenage pregnancies. Its high time we start thinking and caring about each other.


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