The government is determined to make the new education system a reality. It has issued guidelines on the trainings of the new teachers and the re-trainings of the already trained teachers. The Diploma syllabus in TTCs and the Diploma upgrade program is set to greatly spearhead the implementation process.

As teachers cry of the CBC curriculum due to the workloads in the increased number of subjects and lessons, the fresh calls to abolish the boarding schools have began again. Just yesterday, teachers union Kuppet reignited the calls for some of the boarding schools to be abolished.

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The teachers in these schools are set to lose greatly if the calls can be a reality. Some boarding schools have been giving their teachers some allowances for those in charge of the boarding sections.

This directly depend on the Principal of the school. This aside,most of the teachers from these schools do live in the schools’ houses which either they don’t pay rent or pay subsidised rent. This is together with the maximum securities in such schools. Abolishing these schools will see teachers lose these benefits and be forced to spend more from their pockets as in the case of day schools teachers.

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On top of the above, most of the teachers from boarding schools do receive huge cash awards whenever the results are announced and theie subjects excel. For instance, this teachers are paid ksh 1000 per every A (grade) in every subject. In some schools, some teachers have been walking home with over ksh 100,000 on the prize giving days depending on the financial base of the school.

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This is likely to go. Furthermore, some principals who are used to managing the huge school financial accounts are set to miss this. However, the teachers should prepare for anything since it is not the first time such calls are being made.


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