Now the intern teachers have a reason to smile after the TSC revises a new score sheet to favour them.

Now the interns will be by 10 marks ahead of others as indicated on the score sheet. But they will be required to produce their letter of deployment as interns during TSC interviews for them to secure the marks.

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On the ground, many teachers have regretted why they didn’t apply for internship,at first they thought they were to be used with a small pay. So many teachers ignored claiming that they will make it in the mass recruitment.

Last year the vacancies advertised for internship were 10,000, this year vacancies advertised for the mass recruitment is 10,000, this simply means that the tsc wants to absorb the intern teachers indirectly.

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The TAC invites any teacher whether of intern or not to apply for the jobs through online.

Interview venues shall be communicated after the shortlisting is done, the shortlisted candidates shall be expected to report in their respective venues by January 2021.

Following the protocol and guidelines highlighted by the ministry of health in conjunction with the ministry of education, more teachers shall be required after the reopening of schools come the year 2021 January due to social and physical distancing.

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