School Principals are in a shock after discovering that some BOM teachers have been using fake certicates to earn a living.

Following the government’s directive to all Principals, BOM teachers were supposed to be verified by the Principals indicating their TSC numbers.

Principals having already all the necessary documents from their BOM teachers, they went on to verify BOM TSC numbers by searching them from the teachers service commission online.

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Principals were later shocked only to realize that some TSC numbers don’t exist in the teachers service commission.

Principals have called the respective BOM teachers to notify them that their TSC numbers don’t exist.

A number of BOM teachers have been doing this knowing that they won’t be discovered.

Some had failed their final university exams ending up to forge documents for their personal gain.

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These BOM teachers won’t receive salary from the government.

Come next year January 2021, some of the BOM teachers are now likely to be sacked from their respective schools.


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