The teacher promotions exercise is on again, just seven months after the elapse of the last promotions. The advertisement over the same has attracted majority of teachers who did not apply in the previous exercise, or they could not have the mandatory qualification requirements, especially a minimum of five years in the teaching profession, that could have sidelined them not to be shortlisted for the interviews.

For sure, today’s TSC interviews are much transparent, as the requirements for interviews are things that every teacher should be doing, not for the sake of interviews alone, but also for the individual professional documentation and filing for future references.

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They should not struggle to search for past KNEC results analysis, schemes of work, lesson plans and record of work covered when urgently required, when such things are to be updated on daily basis so that teachers should be ready for anything anytime. Moreso, the previous KNEC results should bear a teacher’s name, well typed and just not edited by whitewash.

According to reports from the previous interviews, some teachers could not be promoted due to lack of integrity, non-authentic and plagiarised professional documents that they presented during interviews. Some teachers just took documents of other teachers, and brought them at the interviewing panel when requested, but they bore a name that is different from the teacher being interviewed.

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Moreover, one of the TSC officials at a past meeting with Sub-County stakeholders said, “Such cases might mean a teacher didn’t have any documents and snatched the documents of a colleague and rushed for the interviews. Also they were in a hurry to compile the required documents and failed to edit the document to be his/her own, or they only teach without documentation”.

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The TSC has therefore uttered a sturn warning to the ones who will be shortlisted, that they should have all the required documents, without any signs of rubbing or use of whitewash to edit the information on the document. The information on documents, besides having the knowledge on the legal policies governing education, must be clean and authentic.

To the one found culpable risk immediate interdisciplinary actions that are not limited to demotion, interdiction, hefty fine or all of the above consequences. Therefore teachers interested for the applications are urged to be prepared fully.


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