Recently, TSC announced that it will only Employ secondary school teachers for the next three years. This means that the primary school teachers will still remain in the cold for the next three years. According to Teachers Service Commission statistics, there are over 100,000 unemployed trained primary teachers as per December 2020.

This has discouraged many of the students 2020 KCSE candidates from applying for the P1 Course in Teachers Training College. This institutions are staring at a possibility of closing down if the situation the situation is not addressed.

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Long gone are the days when the teachers would scramble for the TTC intakes. From 2001, the minimum university grade was B plain of 62 points. This left out many C+ holders together with some B plain holders. These remaining students would remain scrambling for other courses with teaching as the first priority for majority.

Today the C+ holders are all going to the universities.The average C plain holders remain for other courses. Unfortunately TTCs require C plain that the medical courses do require too. The medical courses do attract better pay than the teaching courses so the students would prefer the medical courses.

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Always there should be an attractive package for the employees that will make the employees feel motivated. The ministry of education has for the third time announced the TTC Applications having failed to get enough applicants.

The SRC had also revealed that the classroom teachers were shortchanged by TSC during the 2016 CBA. The primary school teachers are paid less money as salaries. In the communities some of them engage in bodaboda operations. This demeans the profession. Why did TSC shortchange them to an extent that SRC became their source of hope in the salary increments. These moves on jobs and salaries have demoralised the applicants.If TSC can fasten the employment of the P1 teachers the same way it does to secondary school teachers then the morale will be back.

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