The Corona Virus pandemic has immensely affected the education sector in Kenya. It is threatening to completely change the normal operations of learning institutions. In the new normal now, the teachers service commission is likely to employ teachers in their respective local residents as from the next recruitment if the latest revelations by the ministry of education is anything to go by.

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The government is also planning to suspend boarding schools from next year 2021 to limit the intercounty movement of learners in primary and secondary schools in a strategy to curb the spread of Corona virus.

This now means that all unemployed teachers shall apply, teaching jobs in their respective counties, indicating the nearest local public insititions available.

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This will be the best news to all unemployed teachers, as they shall choose themselves their preffered area of work.

At the same time it might be bad news to both parents and students who had cleared school fees in their respective boarding schools.

The ministry of education is trying as much as it can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic virus. The virus has laveged the education sector, putting it standstill since March 2020, when all schools got closed by president Kenyatta.

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