Teachers service commission will deploy 1,000 primary P1 primary teachers to secondary schools along with the July teachers recruitment. This is aimed at reducing the teachers shortage experienced in secondary schools.

The teachers have been agitating for better salaries for a long time.This has always seen majority of them take huge loans from the banks and the Saccos to fund their studies at the universities.

The primary school teachers who are the least paid have always shown this determination to get higher academic qualifications.This is always aimed at making them get better pay.

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Luckily TSC has scaled up its efforts to reward these teachers with higher academic qualifications. Today the teachers are promoted based on their papers.The Commission stresses on those with degrees.

On the other side,there are the P1 teachers who had C+ grades and did BEd courses in secondary option at the universities.These teachers are getting deployed to secondary schools currently. During the first phase of deployment,the Commission revealed that only slightly above 6000 teachers qualified in its data bank.

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There are the forgotten lot of teachers who are also in the same line with C+ and did Diploma in Secondary Option.These teachers have been disadvantaged in the ongoing deployment.

2023 is going to be some hectic year for the Government. There are no sufficient infrastructure and teachers to accommodate the thousands of learners under the coming double transition.

Owing to the fact that there will not be two classrooms in the primary schools that is class seven and eight the number of teachers in primary schools will be automatically taken care of. TSC should also plan to deploy the Diploma holders with qualifications to teach in secondary schools just like it is doing to those with degrees.

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Onthe other side,it will be cheaper deploying than employing new teachers at this time of crisis as it plans for a long lasting solution. Furthermore, these teachers will not feel neglected after straining to get higher academic papers.


  1. It’s very very unfair for TSC to place such kind of offer to teachers, they should be human enough.we as teachers are also Frontline workers,we deserve to be treated like doctors.let them stop walloping!!!!


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