The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, is priming itself for a major delocalization for classroom teachers once again in the coming new academic year.

2021 will mark the second group of classroom teachers to be transferred to other counties away from their current working counties after the exercise was rolled out back in 2019. The commission adamant to discontinue the mass transfer of teachers despite the public outcry due to Covid 19 implications.

This is to affect specifically the teachers who have served for at least 5 years in their current working stations. Via a memo dated 8th May 2021 the TSC Deputy Director in charge of staffing Dr. Dorothy Owuor instructs the County Directors to collate data for classroom teachers within their areas of jurisdiction.

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This procedure is said to not affect the senior teachers and deputy principals whose delocalisation will effect at the end of 2021. According to the TSC boss, Dr Nancy Macharia, teachers with serious medical conditions will be spared from the planned delocalization exercise. Also to be spared are those aged above 56 years.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT, is opposed to the massive delocalization exercise and says it should be executed with a human face.

Nancy Macharia on her part says it is intended that the transfer will provide the classroom teachers with a new working environment and also tap into their vast experience. She also added that this will help minimize ethnicity which is a “cancer” in the nation since it is the teachers who shape the future of the country.

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The Kenya National Union of Teachers Secretary General Collins Oyuu has today said that the move by the government to remove teachers from their native locations is a move which is killing the morale of teachers and therefore cannot teach from their hearts.

Speaking during an interview on Radio Ramogi on Thursday morning, Oyuu said that most of the teachers who are being transferred from their native villages to a far location are not having an easy time given that they are having thoughts of their property back at home and therefore cannot give their all in their teaching profession.

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Oyuu further stated that the issues coming with the transfers are unbearable giving an example of the teachers having to start from scratch so as to be able to live comfortably in their new residence.

The KNUT SG who just took office from the former SG Wilson Sossion, argued that the transfer of teachers is making it difficult for the teachers and parents in the case of language barrier.

In the meantime, Oyuu is now asking their employer, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to have a look at the situation and have the transfers done the olden way and not this new way.


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