As the employer announced plans to balance employment among schools, teachers are facing mass transfers.

The procedure will be done with a human face, according to TSC Chief Executive Nancy Macharia, and will be completed by May 9.

TSC, according to Dr. Macharia, is working to ensure that public schools have a proportionate number of instructors after it was discovered that certain schools were understaffed while others had more than they needed.

This means that some tutors from schools with more instructors will be reassigned to schools with fewer teachers.
The experiment, according to the commission, attempts to enhance the teacher-to-student ratio. The bulk transfer is expected to be completed before the start of the school year.

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This, despite the fact that she revealed that there was a 114,581 teacher shortfall in the country.

She attributed the tutor scarcity to increased enrolment, which she attributed to the high number of school-aged children, the 100% transition program, and the registration of new schools.
Despite the scarcity, Dr Macharia stated that the commission was committed to ensuring judicious and equitable distribution of current teachers in both primary and secondary schools.
“We’ve had to evaluate staffing placements from time to time to ensure that no section of our country is disadvantaged in terms of sharing the limited teaching resources,” she added.
Dr. Macharia reassured instructors that the process will be carried out in compassionate manner, with appropriate talks with relevant officers.
“Shortly, the commission will urge our field officers to conduct normal exercise of assessing their sub-counties to ensure that they are in good working order,” says the commission
TSC claims it has been hiring 5,000 instructors per year to keep up with the rising number of students in public schools.

The government has advocated for complete transition from primary to secondary education.

The full transition policy has resulted in the opening of new schools to meet the growing number of students in public schools.


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