The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) announced mass teacher recruitment on Tuesday, March 22 to address a teacher shortage in Kenya’s north-eastern area.

TSC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nancy Macharia told reporters in Mombasa that the government approved the enrolment procedure after a major migration of non-local teachers from the region.

Macharia went on to say that the teacher’s employer will engage with communities and leaders to recruit and train teachers in the area. She did clarify, though, that specialists from various regions were welcome to apply.

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“It is true that non-local employees prefer not to work in North Eastern due to security concerns.” As a result, we’re working with local leaders to sign up teachers from the area, as well as instructors from other parts of the country.

“Unlike in the past, when we would recruit instructors once the commission received funding,” Macharia explained, “this recruiting will continue throughout the year.”

Teachers from all over the country are urged to apply for the positions through the commission’s county directors’ office. She also lifted the eligibility requirements, allowing retirees to apply.

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“Even individuals who have retired from the profession at the age of 60 but have not yet reached the age of 65 are eligible to apply for the positions. We anticipate that this will assist in filling in the gaps “Macharia offered his opinion.

On February 25, regional leaders and education stakeholders petitioned the government to intervene, proposing that the admission grade for those wishing to become teachers be decreased to D minus.

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Teachers have been fleeing the North-Eastern region in large numbers since 2021, claiming that a paramilitary organization in the area has been carrying out targeted attacks on non-locals.

Nearly 40,000 teachers have left their jobs as a result of the attacks, which were accompanied by ambushes by the Al Shabaab militant group, leaving the bulk of the schools understaffed. A handful of schools were forced to close as a result of this.


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