Over the years, most of the teachers employed by Teachers Service Commission have had their transfer requests turned down by the commission. In fact, having a transfer approved by TSC is the most difficult task for some teachers. This is a result of complex logistics that involve the transfers.

But with COVID-19 pandemic, things seems to have changed for the better for the teachers who have long wished to transfer from their stations. The ministry of education has already expressed the need to allow the teachers to work in their local residents. Discussion are also in place to employ teachers in their own county going forward during TSC recruitment. This is meant to reduce the risk of spreading the Corona virus.

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Teachers wishing to transfer can now take advantage of the pandemic and finally move to their preferred station. However the transfers might still face serious challenges. But again, it might be a process that will take time. Teachers with underlined health condition and vulnerable to COVID-19 might be given first priority next year when school opens.

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Under the Teachers Service Commission scheme of service a teacher is entitled for a transfer after finishing the mandatory five(5) years or due to any other special condition. The transfers must though be ratified by the commission.

In normal circumstances, TSC may transfer a teacher from one station to another based on:

  1. The need for equitable distribution and optimal utilization of teachers.
  2. Availability of a teaching vacancy in the proposed station.
  3. The need for replacement.
  4. Existing staffing norms which may be reviewed from time to time.
  5. Medical grounds as certified by a registered medical practition.
  6. Any other grounds that the commission may consider necessary to warrant the transfer.
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