As a result of Covid 19 pandemic, all schools were closed. Learners and all teachers are outside since March this year.

The government of Kenya through the ministry of education has been looking for ways in which schools can resume.

Due to increased number of Covid 19 cases, the ministry of education directed that schools reopen on January next year.

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Recently, the Government implemented a new system of education which will be used during this Covid 19 pandemic period to ensure learners acquire knowledge.

The government introduced community based education which is aimed at giving learners knowledge pertaining to the Covid 19 disease.

The government gave out guidelines to be followed stating that the exercise will be supervised by Chiefs areas and Nyumba kumi policy leaders.

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All Government teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission are expected to teach learners in their respective Communities.

It is now a blow to teachers who are not employed by the government as they will not be able to teach under community based education.

The BOM teachers and private schools teachers will not benefit from community based education.

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