It is now seven months since the Corona virus was first reported in Kenya. Before its onset in the country territories, education sector was growing vibrant, with government racing to implement new curriculum. Having implemented 100 percent transition.

However,when the positive cases were reported in the country, education sector became first victim. All learning institutions were shut down. A move that was seen as a protection to the lives of Kenyan children.

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As COVID-19 disease continued to stay around, certain category of citizens have emerged to be more vulnerable to the virus. These are the old people and those with underlying health conditions.

In a report released by the ministry of health, it indicated that all children having less than 13 years and people with above the age of 58 years are at high chances of being most affected by the COVID-19 virus as their immunity system is not strong.

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Considering this, the Ministry of education, Teachers Service Commission and Ministry of health are set to come into consensus whether to retire all teachers who are 58 years and above as from January 2021. This is because such cadre of teachers is regarded to be vulnerable to COVID-19. And the proposal is set to be discussed this week by the cabinet.

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When reopening churches, the Health Ministry directed that people 58 years and above and children below the age of 14 should not attend church services but conduct them from home.

In the highly anticipated decision the Ministry of education is likely either to allow the aged teachers to retire early or continue earning while working from home when schools reopen next year January.


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