The teachers service commission is likely to employ enumerators next year January 2021. This is due to the planned head count of all government teachers, using a biometric system.

The commission is determined to remove ghost workers from its payroll. TSC boss Nancy Machakos prefers the head count is the surest approach to to take. According to TSC statistics, there over 10,000 teachers in the payroll who don’t exist.

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Huduma number was previously presumed to be the game changer in removing ghost workers from government public institutions but it flopped drastically.

This now comes as good news to university students, who are computer literate. Due to the fact that the teachers service commission, will use a biometric system to register all teachers a fresh, computer literate is a mandatory requirement for enumerators.

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This physical head count of all teachers was supposed to commence in May 2020, but it was postponed due to the covid 19 pandemic virus, which has brought the education sector standstill.

Though it’s giving some teachers sleepless nights, it’s a good exercise which will ensure that all teaches use their own certificates in earning salaries.

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