Teachers Service Commission is set to announce 10,000 intern teachers vacancies immediately after the conclusion of the ongoing mass recruitment. The exercise will see the commission employ an excess of 10,000 teachers.

Back in March, President Kenyatta set aside 6.5 Billion to hire 10,000 intern teachers and 1,000 ICT intern experts to support digital learning in public schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Teachers Service Commission has not been able to implement the President’s directive as schools have remained closed since then due to the fear of spreading Corona virus.

The 6.5 Billion allocation is part of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s 8-point economic stimulus programme set by his economic team to help ignite the economy during post Covid-19 pandemic.

“My administration has rolled out an 8-point economic stimulus program amounting to some Ksh 53.7 Billion. The first element will focus on infrastructure and a total of Ksh 5 billion has been set aside to hire local labor to engage in this undertaking,” Kenyatta said.

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“In the near future we will come out with plans to ensure children can carry on with their education. We have allocated Ksh. 6.5 Billion to hire 10,000 teachers and 1000 ICT interns to support digital learning,” said president Uhuru.

This will be a relief to qualified teachers who will miss out on ongoing permanent recruitment. Also it’s light at the end of the tunnel for BOM teachers who have been going without salary since the closure of schools.

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