The Teachers Service Commission has refuted claims that it intends to introduce uniforms for teachers across the country. Some cheap bloggers had alleged that the uniform to be worn by teachers had already been adopted by the teachers’ employer and that the idea was awaiting its implementation.

The refuted reports suggested the uniforms to be worn will include glossy yellow or orange T-shirts and shirts, with green lining on collar and sleeve to give the teachers a new look that could help for efficient monitoring and other work execution practices amongst the TSC’s staff in future.

On its official Twitter account, the commission marked the information as fake. TSC has always been on the cutting edge when it comes to implementing some of its strategies, the majority of which have always been geared toward teachers, who are the primary targets for its attainable goals.

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Several items have been implementeds the new system was implemented almost six years ago under the leadership of the CEO, Dr Nancy Macharia, and the teacher has always been affected either positivelyo negatively depending on the prevailingf for individual teachers.

TSC recently launched TPD which requires mandatoryr licensing of teachers.Teachers will part with about 6,000 shillings every year for a six-year professional training to be issued with a professional teaching certificate apart from what they acquired in university.

The teaching certificate will be renewed after every five years. TSC chief executiveofficer Nancy Macharia said the aim is to make teaching in the country be run and managed like other professionss as law and engineering.

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TSC said it will employ innovative assessment strategies such as reflective journals, portfolios and presentations to carry out the program. At the end of each successful module teachers will have their teaching certificates renewed after every five years.

TSC says teachers who fail to train will have licences revoked Dr Nancy Macharia stated that the move is intended to improve Kenyan teachers’ professional standards as well as keep them up to date on emerging trends in the education sector. TPD, she explained, is a life-long learning program divided into six hierarchical competency levels, with each level taking five years to complete.”

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At the end of each module, successful teachers will have their teaching certificatesrenewed after every five years,” she said.

Macharia stated that in order to participate in this program, every teacher registered with the commission will be required to identify and register with one of the accredited service providers. She urged teachers to embrace it, claiming that it benefits them in line with its goals.

Mount Kenya University, Kenyatta University, Riara University, and Kenya Education Management Institute have so far been accredited by the commission to carry out the program.

In 2016, the Commission implemented Performance Contracting for Institutional Head and Teacher PerformanceAppraisaland Development(TPAD) for teachers, with the aim of strengthening accountability in resource utilization to improve learning outcomes.


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