Previously, teachers working under the internship contract have always been given first priority when it comes to permanent employment. The teachers commission normally awards the interns 10 marks advantage. The trend seems to continue even with the newly employment intern teachers in the upcoming teachers recruitment.

There were concerns whether TSC ignore to consider the group given that the employment has come when they are barely halfway through their contract. However, according to the latest TSC employment scoresheet, they too will have the 10 marks advantage like the so called senior intern employed an year early.

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TSC Introduced the teachers internship scheme in December 2019 to help reduce the shortage experience especially in public secondary school. The program has seen 16,000 teachers recruited under the same. Despite the initial criticism, the skateholders have come to appreciate the process. This is largely due to the advantage given to intern certificate holders.

There were also talk on how the newly employment intern will same marks with those recruited early yet the latter have one more year experience. But TSC has made it clear that an intern can only score up to a maximum of 10 marks. Presumably, they may be considered incase of a tie.

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TSC is priming itself to employ 5,000 teachers in secondary schools next month. And giving this group an upper hand will be a sigh of relief given the fact that they have endured working under a complex contract.

The commission is keen only in employing secondary School tutors, leaving behind a big batch of unemployed Certificate primary teachers. This is part of the government scheme to employ 15,00 secondary School teachers, some 5,000 annually, in the next three years.

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TCS will then deploy 5,000 teachers to secondary schools as the institutions are expected to face a bigger shortage. Some 3,500 interns will also be posted to secondary on a two years contract.

After the July recruitment the commission will then announce another 5,000 intern vacancies in secondary schools. To qualify for the coming employment opportunity, the candidates must meet the TSC requirements for Employment provided below.


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