The Teachers Service Commission TSC has advertised 11,574 teaching posts for eligible teachers to apply. Of this, 1,000 are dedicated to practising P1 teachers currently employed by TSC in primary schools with degrees to apply for deployment to secondary schools.

Last year TSC advertised similar posts that saw primary schools teachers promoted to higher job group as they got posting letters to teach in secondary schools. Those posted were moved from job grade B5 to job grade C2 which saw their perks enhanced.

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This year TSC has announced 1,000 posts for qualified P1 graduate teachers to apply.

Since January 2014 promotion of primary teachers to secondary schools, which used to be automatic was stopped after TSC shelved the schemes of service (SOS) and adopted the Career Progression Guidelines (CPG).

The CPG officially came to effect after TSC and teachers Union agreed and signed a collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) early 2017. The signing led to the commencement.

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