If the state education department has its way, teachers from granted schools will receive a salary based on students evaluation in the State. Various teachers union are up in arms against the planning of the Education Department for a new salary system.

It may be noted the education department had set up a study group in 2019 and it submitted the report to Department a few months ago. The Education Department floated a tender to appoint a third-party agency to conduct the test to evaluate students performance and progress.

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The evaluation of teachers and school will be done on the basis of the students’ performance. The teachers would get increment and other benefits based on students performance. Officers from the education department have confirmed the development.

Hearing this news, different teachers unions are angry over the planning of the Education Department.

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“We are against the decision. We will meet the school education minister soon to convey our feeling against the planning.

The Government should take teachers unions into confidence before making such a move. This will deter many youths from teaching jobs,” he added.

“There are many factors which decide to students quality including atmosphere at home, surrounding and background.

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The decision of the new system is aimed at reducing the salary of teachers. Just four per cent financial provision is made for education in the budget against the demand of six per cent. How the evaluation of teachers who were found suplus would be done,” he said. Teachers unions demanded that the Government should reconsider the decision.


  1. The issue of promotion and salary increment May not be sounded well.This is because schools are found in different learning environments; the slum environment, the arid and semi arid environment, schools found in harsh communities, the isolated ones among others cannot be rated the same
    The employer need to do a lot of survey and consultation to establish the cause of non performance in some of this schools instead of going by the performance.
    There schools where learners face the challenge of water, food , water, poor parenting , sanitation, poor learning structures,etc
    If it’s to reward Teachers then consider widely their working environments


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