The Teachers Service Commision is planning on making some major and drastic changes to the bachelor of education degree program. TSC looks to ensure that the path to being a teacher in Kenya is longer for the graduates as it has added one more obstacles.

The Chief Executive Officer of The Teachers Service Commision, Dr. Nancy Macharia says that the new plans are for the best of the sector. The move has been highly criticized by lecturers and education stakeholders.

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For one to qualify for employment by the Teachers Service Commision, they will have to do the usual degree first. Then, they will have to go through a year of a post-graduate’s diploma in education.

The move might be to ensure that the education is not oversaturated. At the moment, thousands of graduates in the education sector sit unemployed and this has created a major problem for the body.

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This move will see fewer students graduate with a Bachelor of Arts of Sciences in Education. This might help the sector as the fewer professionals there are, the easier it will be to secure employment for them.


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