The recently advertised posts for promotions of teachers from one cadre to another by TSC has attracted majority of interested teachers, probably more than the ones involved in the previous exercise done earlier this year.

The applications for some teachers have already been done, and are just waiting anxiously for the fate from the employer whether they will be shortlisted for the interviews or not. The exercise mostly involves uploading of the relevant documents highlighted by the commission itself so that their application could be vetted without raising eyebrows.

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However, the exercise might not go well with some teachers due to the recently outlined requirements that the TSC highlighted to be mandatory for uploading. According to exclusive reports from TSC, whatever an activity that requires uploading of documents emerges, the TPAD must always be a priority.

Therefore, the latest reports states that teachers applying for the few advertised slots of their choice are required to upload the TPAD appraisal reports of the previous years, which are to be downloaded from the TSC website, printed, and the printouts be availed to the panelists during the interview day, if shortlisted.

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The documents required are the 2017 – 2020 annual appraisal reports, which are to be signed and rubber-stamped by the head of institution before being uploaded.

Unfortunately, the reports aforementioned has been an issue that should be addressed amicably because some documents are online and can’t be traced not accessed on the TSC website.

Mostly the only reports that can be displayed are the ones for heads of institution, but the information for teacher’s data is just blank, hence printouts produced are blank pages.

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Teachers have tried all their best to get the data, but all has been in vain. They claim that they are ready to produce any documents required by TSC, but the main problem is how to access and print some of them.

They have therefore requested the immediate intervention of TSC to provide the guidelines on how to download these reports before the limited time for application elapse.


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