The Teachers Service Commission has now issued guidelines to teachers on the community based teaching program as had ordered by the ministry of education.

In the directive released by the commission, teachers who will take part in this program are expected to register with the local education authorities within their current localities and don’t need to necessarily travel to their teaching station areas.

In the bid to execute the program, teachers will teach learners life skills in a face-to-face lessons as well as train them on daily chores such as farming.

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Use of modern technology will be encouraged as learners will be allowed to use their smart phones, tablets and laptops. Radios, televisions and online contents will also be used. Apart from covering the syllabus, teachers will also offer guidance and counseling services to learners.

On the teaching methodology, the commission has encouraged teachers to embrace group discussions and grading among peers can be done. According to the guidelines, teachers will teach in open places and in community halls.

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The learners will have their face masks on and maintain the required inter-distance. Classes will last for a maximum of four hours daily from Monday to Friday.

Before the the program is rolled out, teachers will go on learner engagement orientation to ensure safety of learners as pertains to the Ministry of Health guidelines. Teachers will also be required to file periodic progress reports and hand them over to the curriculum support officers.

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The Nyumba Kumi officers will have the duty of identifying the learners within their localities and ensure that they attend the sessions. The learning program will be closely monitored my TSC and Ministry of Education officers. The government plans to roll out the program as from early September.


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