Teacher’s salaries in Kenya has been controversial, instigating contentious debates and frequent strikes over the years. However, it seems like the government has heeded their plight, respecting the 2017 – 2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement the teacher’s union petitioned for. It is a message of joy for numerous teachers all over the country as they are slated to experience a salary increment.

These TSC promotions are a paradigm shift from the old and infamous narrative of strikes that such teachers used to apply before they got their way. What are the suggested changes to the pay of different categories of teachers in Kenya

Dr. Nancy Macharia, the TSC  Chief Executive Officer, announced the excellent news of TSC promotions when presenting the year’s budget policy statement to parliament. This means that there will be new salary structures for teachers in Kenya.

This TSC promotion of teachers is part of the 2017 – 2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement that suggested a salary increment in four phases. So far, they have executed three steps, and this is part of the fourth phase. The plan was created as a means of averting another teacher’s

Teachers Service Commission salary scale

Educators are paid remuneration according to their job groups. Some qualify for higher pay, while others get less. After a comprehensive evaluation of the teaching practice by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) in 2016, they created a new grading system.

These grades possess distinct codes. The new 7 billion deal is going to oversee the promotion of teachers with higher qualifications by TSC. Some will receive an automatic upgrade to their TSC salary scale. Here is a breakdown on the TSC salary scales:

Grade B5

This is the new entry grade for all primary school teachers. Formerly, they were job groups G and H, which were amalgamated to create a single category. The group is for Primary Teacher II.

All the teachers that are currently in this category will earn automatic promotion to Grade C1. This is part of the implementation of the fourth phase of the 2017 – 2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement. It is estimated that an average of 100,000 primary school teachers will benefit from this.

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Teachers in Grade B5 earn a basic salary of between Ksh.21, 765 and Ksh.27, 195. According to the recent announcement, the new salary structure for teachers in this group will be between Ksh.27, 195 and Ksh.33, 944.

Grade C1

Are you wondering if this group is on the TSC promotion list? This grade is for Secondary Teacher III, Lecturer III, and Primary Teacher I. During the implementation of the third phase of the 2017 – 2021 CBA, educators falling in this category were not promoted alongside others.

Grade C2

Five thousand teachers in secondary school with diploma qualifications are also going to receive promotions. KUPPET (Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers) has been on the forefront fighting for teachers’ rights. The union is worried that some educators have stagnated in their positions for a long time without getting any significant promotions.

Unfortunately, teachers in Group C2 (holders of Bachelor’s Degree in Education or its equivalent) are also not going to receive a pay rise. These are Secondary Teacher II, SNE Teacher II (primary schools), Lecturer II and Senior Teacher II. Their current salary range is between Ksh. 34, 955 – Ksh. 43, 694.

This grade represents Secondary Teacher I and Senior Teacher I. Formerly, they were Job Group L. According to the recent TSC news on the promotion of teachers with higher qualifications, these are going to be part of the implementation of the fourth phase of 2017 – 2021 CBA.

During the realization of the third phase, they were earning between Ksh. 41,343 – Ksh.51, 927. Once the fourth phase is realized in July 2020, they are going to earn between Ksh.43, 154 and Ksh.53, 943.

Grade C4

This code was established for Senior Master IV, Senior Lecturer IV, SNE Senior Teacher (primary schools), SNE Teacher I (secondary schools) and Deputy Head Teacher II. Fortunately, they are part of the fourth phase of the CBA.

Currently, the lowest salary in this grade is Ksh.45, 287 and the highest is Ksh.51, 632. According to the latest release on the slated alteration of their wages, they are going to earn a maximum of Ksh.52, 308 from July 2020.

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Grade C5

These are Headteachers, Deputy Headteacher I and Senior Master III. They are going to get a significant salary increment from their current range of Ksh.51, 632 – Ksh.62, 272 to KshH.62, 272 – Ksh.64, 631.

Grade D1

This category consists of Senior Master II, Deputy Principal III, Senior Head Teacher, Senior Lecturer II, and Curriculum Support Officer I. Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, these teachers are going to receive a salary increment.

They are currently earning between Ksh.74, 703 and Ksh.82, 717. From July 2020, they are going to receive a remuneration of between Ksh.77, 840 and Ksh. 85, 269. This means that the lowest earner in this category will get an increase of Ksh. 3, 137 and highest of Ksh. 2, 552.

Grade D2

This is another category featured on the TSC promotion of teachers. These are Deputy Principals II and Senior Master I. They were previously earning between Ksh. 82, 717 and Ksh. 87, 900. In the agreed plan, they are going to get an increase of Ksh. 3, 141 for the higher group and Ksh. 8, 324 for the lower scale to Ksh. 91, 041.

Grade D3

Principals and deputy principals make this new category created after the SRC review. In the fourth phase of the CBA, they are going to get an upgrade to Ksh. 106, 644. Currently, their salaries are between Ksh. 93, 850 and Ksh. 102, 807.

This is a Job Group for senior principals. The majority of the salary increment here is according to the category of schools. Based on the third phase of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, they are earning between Ksh. 109, 249 and Ksh. 118, 169.

Once the fourth phase is implemented in July 2020, they are going to receive a pay rise. The lowest earner will get Ksh. 118, 242 and the highest will be paid Ksh. 121, 890.

Grade D5

All chief principals fall into this category. They are part of the fourth implementation of the CBA. Their current salary range is between Ksh. 121, 814 and Ksh. 157, 656. After the review, they are going to earn between Ksh. 131, 380 and Ksh. 157, 656.

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In January 2020, TSC appointed new school heads and their respective deputies after posting TSC promotion adverts in the dailies and numerous job websites. These new hires included seven thousand educators that went to different primary and secondary schools.

The majority of applicants did not meet the requirement for a basic degree for primary school and a master’s degree for principals. There has also been an interest to facilitate the promotion of P1 teachers with degrees.

TSC promotion requirements

As a teacher, there are certain requirements that you must meet if you want to be promoted to a higher grade. The requirements are categorized based on the teaching level as follows:

Primary school tutors

If you are a primary school teacher, you should have the following minimum requirements to qualify for the promotion:

  • You must have scored a minimum of Grade of C plain in your KCSE
  • You must be a holder of a Primary Teacher Education (PTE) certificate
  • If you are a visually impaired teacher, you should have a PTE certification and a minimum KCSE aggregate of C-

Secondary school teacher

If you are teaching at the secondary school level, these are the minimum requirements you should have:

  • You must have scored a minimum grade of C+ in the KCSE exams
  • You must have a diploma in Education or a postgraduate diploma or a Bachelor’s degree in Education

Higher institution tutors

If you are a higher institution tutor, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • You must have scored a mean grade of C+ in KCSE
  • You should have a diploma in the subject you are teaching
  • In case you have a C-, a certificate, degree, or a diploma in your specialty. In addition to this, you should have a diploma in Technical Education.

Special needs education teachers

Teachers in the special needs education category need to fulfill the following minimum requirements:

  • A mean grade of C+ in KCSE
  • A Diploma or a Bachelor’s degree in Special Needs Education


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