Internship teaching has almost become a necessary practice in the teaching profession in Kenya. It has provided job stability for many teachers because their salaries do not get paid by the schools assigned to them. The other perks is that intern teachers tend to get a head start in interviews unlike their counterparts who would not have worked under the internship program.

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There are two ways of applying for the internship online because manual applications are not accepted at all.
htttps:// and click on teachers internship position link then log in and apply.

The other way is to


2.go to CAREERS menu on apply for teachers internship position then apply

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4.lasty,fill in the required information to the last page then submit.

For one to qualify to apply for the internship position,one has to ;

1.Be registered with Tsc (have a tsc number)

2.Be below 35 years of age

3.Have a certificate of good conduct

4.Have a minimum of P1 certificate for primary school interns applicants

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5.minimum if diploma in education for secondary school interns.

With a good network the application would take approximately ten minutes only.


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