TSC has indicated that under the new curriculum secondary teachers will be teaching three subjects as opposed to the current two. Teachers will be called to go for a training for the third subject when CBC gets underway in secondary schools. The teachers’ employer has set guidelines on adding the third subject basing on the current combination.

In the current system, teachers are either classified into science or art. Under CBC, the teacher teaching sciences will be required to add a science subject as the third subject and arts to add a subject from the category. This is meant to enhance efficiency as schools too are going to be categorized into school of sciences and arts. This will avoid a scenario of a arts teacher moving from his school to teach a science subject in another school.

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The competency based curriculum was introduced in Kenya to replace the long lived 8:4:4 system. This new curriculum has been a hill to climb for teachers. Those who are highly affect are the ones who are yet to be absorbed by the Teachers’Service commission. TSC, headed by Nancy Macharia, has been making endless demands on these teachers requiring them to upgrade their studies so as to fit in the new curriculum.

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The plans to implement this curriculum has made the Teachers’ Service Commission to recommend that P1 teachers will be required to undergo a Diploma upgrade that will see them qualify to handle learners under the new curriculum.

In order to make the curriculum a success, teachers who are yet to be employed by the commission are also expected to undergo proper training in order to acquire the relevant knowledge and skills.

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Because of the increased health risk posed by the risen number of COVID-19 infection, the ministry of education has announced the postponement of the training untill when it will be recalled.


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