Teachers Service Commission has come clean on the fate of intern teachers who missed out on employment opportunity in the just concluded mass recruitment of teachers. The teachers who were employed under non renewable contract risk being jobless in January when their contract expires.

Reports are now suggesting that those interns who missed out on the permanent jobs are eligible to apply for the upcoming internship opportunities again.

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While addressing applicants during employment exercise several TSC county officials argued those who had missed out including current interns to apply for internship once when the vacancies are out.

Teachers Service Commission is set to announce 10,000 intern teachers vacancies immediately after the conclusion of the ongoing mass recruitment. The exercise will see the commission employ an excess of 10,000 teachers.

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While TSC has about 337,432 salaried teachers, the number of applicants for the previous advertised posts was almost equal, indicating the state of joblessness among Kenyans.

According to TSC official Ms. Betty, several applications belonged to privately employed teachers. She attributed that to job loss after schools were shut in March, and also uncertainty whether the private institutions will ever rise again to their feet.

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