According to exclusive reports basing on the survey done during the recently concluded interviews for teachers, it was discovered that most of the shortlisted teachers presenting hard-copies with data that could not match the data that was uploaded online during self appraisal.

The anormally has been discovered during the vetting process of the documents submitted to the TSC directors. Before the interviews TSC had tabled some requirements that were to be signed on. Among the documents was the implementation of the self-evaluation tool, the TPAD, that has to be filled online and submitted within the stipulated timelines, usually tabulated by TSC.

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The tool also contains information that must be supported by relevant uploaded evidences, and submitted online, without any form of forgery or plagiarism.

Unfortunately, the teachers of today claim to be very clever. They take their time to provide inconclusive information and award themselves marks without even giving any verifiable evidence of the same.

Special reports from the commission have suggested that the officials have convened an urgent meeting to determine the root cause of the problem. Upon which a final verdict will be reached.

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Such affected teachers risk losing their TSC numbers due to forgery and incompetence in the responsibility assigned to them, not forgetting even the panelists who were not keen on such mistakes.

With this in mind, teachers are encouraged to fill the TPAD with due respect that it deserves, and more importantly, transfer the online marks to the hard-copy so that the information on the two files tally.

Recently, TSC released the list of teachers who were promoted in 2021. The list was broken down to counties and it contained  the teacher’s basic details, current grade, grade promoted to, effective date of the new appointment and the new salary scale.

The TSC County Directors then wrote the promotion letters for the teachers who were notified via SMS to go and pick them.

After the promotions, lucky teachers will be appointed into the administrative positions and be deployed by the Commission.

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Currently, there are many vacancies in administrative positions at many schools. most schools are operating minus Deputy school heads, senior masters and teachers.


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