Teachers service commission is Constitutionaly mandated to register, hire, Promote and transfer teachers in both secondary and primary schools in Kenya.

To undertake this mandate, the commission has been introducing a number of changes meant to improve service delivery to teachers.

One such change that the giant teachers’ employer wants to initiate is the biometric registration of all teachers.

During the biometric registration, teachers are required to physically avail the following five key documents.

  1. Certificate of registration
  2. National ID card
  3. Letter of first appointment
  4. Letter of last appointment
  5. Academic Certificates
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From Monday 17, the commission intends to launch a piloting biometric exercise targeting 143 schools spread in seven counties ahead of the full rollout.

According to the TSC CEO Dr Nancy macharia, the bio data will help the commission in curbing cheating during exams.

It will also be used to vindicate teachers who are framed up during such times. During the just concluded national exams, 27 teachers lost their jobs due to exam cheating.

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The Kenya national examination council normally hires the services of TSC employed teachers to assist in Manning exams. Teachers work as supervisors, invigilators, centre managers and examiners.

Whenever knec suspects cheating involving teachers, it forwards the names to TSC for disciplinary action.

Cases of some rogue teachers opening exams early and taking photos for onward transfer to candidates before kickoff aren’t new.

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The teachers’ bio-data will most likely assist in tracing such culprits for possible disciplinary action.

Earlier on, the CEO indicated that in future, teachers joining the profession will have their bio-data taken before their details are entered into the payroll.


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