Primary school teachers should be happy as the Teachers Service Commission has assured them of promotion to secondary schools.

Speaking yesterday at TSC headquarters on Competency Based Curriculum, TSC boss Dr. Nancy Macharia says that from next year, more secondary school teachers will be deployed to junior secondary.

Macharia says that this will force the commission to deploy thousands of P1 teachers to secondary schools.

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Macharia further says that the teachers will be deployed on order of merit. Those with diplomas, masters and higher diplomas will be given first priority in deployment. The deployment will be due to junior secondary schools which are just about to be implemented.

Apart from the deployment, the Teachers Service Commission received funds to employ more teachers.

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This is in preparation for the junior secondary schools brought about by Competency Based Curriculum.

Primary school teachers will be a happy lot as deployment begins next year. Majority of them have been complaining about the longer duration they stay without deployment.


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