It is a happy month for all BOM and intern teachers as Teachers Service Commission announces vacancy positions for 5,000 teachers. 4,000 vacancies for secondary and 1,000 positions for primary school. As per the advert circulating on teachers groups, the recruitment is to take place this month of Septembers 2020.

Recruitment is to support the 100 percent transition from primary to secondary schools.

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According to the advert, its good news to note is that the employment will be on permanent and pensionable terms. interested and qualified persons have been directed to apply the TSC website not later than 14the September.

Requirements for employment.

  1. Be a Kenyan citizen.
  2. Be a holder of at least a Diploma in Education
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3. Must be a registered teacher with a valid TSC.

These good news comes amid of speculations that schools are set to reopen this September. The month of September is set to be a light at the end of darkness for BOM teachers. These group of teachers have been without salary for a couple of month since schools reopened.

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