After spending two to four years in college, you expect to find employment that can match the investment and assure you a bright future. Therefore, you settle for an area of specialization that guarantees you a job. How do you know your field of study is marketable? First, you need to study the current market needs and the gaps in the employment sector. Where there is a lot of demand or little supply of labor, then opportunities for employment are high.

With the devolved systems in Kenya, jobs in the public-sector have increased significantly. Several sectors in the country such as retail, consulting, pharmaceuticals and information technology have registered significant growth over the years. The gaps in the employment sectors have been in the technical fields such as engineering, oil and gas, welding, and plumbing. With this in mind, you can identify marketable careers.

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Marketable Courses


Teaching for a long time has been regarded as a low life career, and many students have run away from it. But the truth of the matter is a teacher will never lack a job. Many schools are upcoming each day and children are being born each day, which leaves teaching as one of the careers a student should give the priority.

When it comes to teaching, there are subject combinations that are on-demand and those in which the market is flooded. A person with a science combination is more likely to get a TSC job earlier than a person with a combination of arts subjects. Hence there is a need to make the right choice. The best combinations so far are:

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2. Medicine

Medicine is a career that never wears out. Being a doctor is a lucrative job and at the same time, it’s a calling. But one thing stands out, people will never stop getting sick, and each day, more diseases come up that need specialized treatments. Hence I would advise that after graduating with a bachelor’s as a general practitioner, go on with studies and specialize. Specializations place a doctor in high demand. There are several specialization areas, but I will mention just a few.







Clinical Medicine

I recommend this course for those who did not attain the cut mark points for bachelors in medicine. It’s a very nice course and all hospitals need a clinical officer. With this course, you can open your clinic.

3. IT

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This is one field where you study to acquire skills then apply it in your work. Self-employment is the best here and has a huge return. People need cyber services each day, especially as we are heading to Kenya’s Vision 2030. Everything is becoming digitized, so growing in this career is so easy. Examples of places you can apply IT knowledge are:


Online writing


Web and app development

Phone, laptop or gadget repair and handling

Teaching a Computer College

4. Pharmacy

Pharmacies are coming up each day in Kenya, especially with the demand for drugs and the need to reach the interior parts of Kenya. Hence being a pharmacist means you in demand.

Opportunities for this are:

Employment as a pharmacist

Own a pharmacy

Import products





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