There were jubilations among the Board of Management teachers when the education CAS Zack Kinuthia broke the good news that the Government has heard their cries and therefore plans to pay them henceforth till schools resume in January next year were underway.

The CAS said that the government had realized that the situation had grown dire for the tutors who majorly depended on the Boards of Management of schools for their daily bread. However there is uncertainity over the number of months their salaries will be paid by the government.

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Considering the fact that the payments will be carried out by school heads, it is likely that they will start paying from where they left before the break. Though other factors may play in. The financial position of the school and size of non-teaching staff being among them.

Most of them have not received salaries since March. They have been staying hand to mouth. Some have embarked into hawkers to support their suffering families.

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Their fellow government teachers have been receiving their salaries since March 2020. God seems to have heard their grievances now.

As they are set to receive their salaries, they wish that the government is going to pay them since March 2020. If the government might pay their Salaries since March 2020, then BOM teachers shall be the happiest people this month of August.

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