Teachers employed by the Boards of Management in public schools have had it rough even after the president directed that they should be cushioned through the ministry of education. Although the payment had to go through several legal processes before the money gets into the teachers’ pockets, it has taken unexpectedly too long.

The teachers through different social media platforms among other avenues, have aired their grievances to the ministry only to fall on deaf years. The ministry has seemed to be operating by lies; a good example of this being the condemnable act of the CS Prof. George Magoha of deceiving the nation that the they have already paid the teachers.

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There are now allegations that specific people within the ministry of education have been delaying the release of money to schools for personal ill motivated interests. Reports from a confidential source reveal that there are forces within the ministry that are against the cushioning of BOM teachers

The most complex part of the matter is that there are no agreements within the ministry owing that every person want to work for themselves. The CS who is expected to unit the team is accused of not being in good terms with his juniors.

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It is alleged that the CS always speaks for himself and not for the ministry. The CAS Zack Kinuthia is accused of not having any clue on what’s happening within the ministry despite him being on the forefront on the matter in public domain.

Above everything, the good news is that the fate of release of the said funds is in the hands of the BOM teachers themselves. It is proved that the louder they make noise and actively stand up on the matter, the earlier it may be released. The report says that the team concerned is working hard to ensure that the teachers are paid though there might be further delays.

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