The Teachers Service Commission has made several changes in a quest to improve the TPAD, a performance and evaluation mechanism that assesses the performance of a teacher. In the new modification, a teacher is now able to create their accounts in using their smartphone form the comfort of their home.

The processes in now what is known as TPAD 2, from account creation to appraisal of a teacher has been made simpler. The new system of TPAD 2 is divided into five sub portals for different categories of users. The sub portals include;

  1. The Teacher/Deputy portal As the name suggests, this portal is for two users, the appraisee who is the classroom teacher and the appraiser who is the Deputy head teacher/Principal.
  2. Head of institution portal This portal is only used by the Head teacher or Principal in case of secondary school.
  3. Curriculum Support Officer Portal
  4. Sub county Director portal
  5. County Director Portal
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How to create a new account

To access the TPAD portal one has to create an online account. The process of account creation is one that has been immensely modified and simplified. Formalities like SMS verification for security purposes from the previous TPAD system has been done away with.

Here is the simple procedure for creating TPAD 2 online account.

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Visit the new TPAD 2 system by using the URL;
You will get a window with fields as shown, below;
TPAD Account

TSC Number

ID Number

Phone Number (07xxxxxxxx)

Email Address


Confirm Password

Create Account

Fill in your details, correctly and then click ‘Create Account’.
In the next window, you will be expected to update your teaching subjects/ roles and academic details. If done properly, then you will see a success message.

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