Teachers are teachers, whether in public or private schools. All these teachers have a common goal of ensuring the success of children’s right to education.

Private schools are employers to over 150,000 teachers nationwide. The private schools are the most hit with many of them likely to be completely shut in 2021 by the prevailing tough economic situation.

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The government is set to pay all the BOM Teachers in all the public primary and secondary schools.

The fate of the teachers in private schools is completely oblique.They don’t know who to defend them and how to defend for themselves.They are the most disadvantaged lot of teachers.

Recently, the Education CS Professor Magoha hinted that the private school owners to take care of their teachers.This statement confirms that these teachers are nowhere close to the government’s to be new payroll.

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However,opera news reports that some of these teachers are fully engaged in online teachings by their employers or as a way of self employment.

Incase these schools may close doors completely,it means there will be many jobless teachers nationally.


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