Interns teachers have been in existence in Kenya since the year 2012. They are meant to help reduce the staffing problems in schools. The Teachers Service Commission for the past two years, has contracted a number if teachers on internship terms.

Intern teachers are entittled to a stipend of ksh.20,000 and ksh.15,000 for secondary and primary respectively.

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The fate of intern teachers is not yet fully known. Teacher interns have only been accorded an added advantage of 10 marks when it comes to interviews for permanent employment.

There has been discussions as to wether intern teachers should be confirmed or not. Efforts by the Ministry of Education to ensure teachers on Internishp are confirmed on permanent and pensionable terms at the end it the internship contract are yet to bear fruits.

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We are hopeful that a series of consultative meetings, between the ministry of education and TSC led by TSC Boss Nancy Macharia might favour intern teachers when their contract expires.

The Teachers Service commission only approved the extension of the contract if it expires, but yet to communicate concerning confirmation of the interns on permanent and pensionable terms.

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