The rush to complete the syllabus by most of the teachers always come in different ways. Some teachers teach during the extra hours during the week while some extend their lessons into the weekends. However, the schools especially secondary schools do charge the parents for these extra lessons.

The teachers’ motivations are either intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic comes from within the teachers themselves while extrinsic comes from other external factors such as salaries,the principals’ managerial skills and even the students reception and performances on the concepts taught.

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Education CS Professor George Magoha had cautioned the school Principals against charging any extra levy from the parents.However, the parents still pay dearly for the Remedial lessons.These lessons are conducted during the outside normal hours either from the wee hours in the morning,late in the evening or during the weekends.The new court ruling has now jeopardised the weekend remedial boost for the teachers.

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The ruling by a three judge bench being led by Judge William Ouko that the Seventh Day Adventist Church students should not be forced to go to schools on saturday is a serious setback to the teachers.This is because they worship on this day.

The implication is that even those students who worship on Sunday too have their rights of worship that should be infringed.The students especially the day school students are likely to take the advantage and follow this ruling.This not only deals the teachers’ remedials a blow but also the syllabus coverage.But as usual,teachers are always creative and will come up with a way of navigating this.

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