As the festive season draws nearer, teachers are anticipating that the Teacher Service Commission will release funds earlier unlike in the previous holiday.

The teachers employed by the TSC will have something to smile after the court ordered a refund of money that was illegal deducted from teacher’s payslip.

About 3500 teachers teaching in middle level colleges have been deducted some money by the KUPPET and yet they were transferred to the Public Service Commission. The directive means that the affected teachers will get back their money,which amounts to sh90 million.

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Teachers teaching in secondary schools are free to join Kuppet while those in primary schools are members of Knut. Those in Colleges are in PSC . They are free to decide on whether they join Kuppet or not.

With the third term coming to an end on 23rd December. Teachers have been asked to update their teachers development tool(TPAD) early enough to avoid deadline rush.

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