The Kenya National Union of Teachers had a big revolution as its long serving Secretary General Wilson Sossion was replaced by the incoming KNUT Secretary General Mr Collins Oyuu. Mr Collins had just promised teachers Heaven on Earth on his inaugural ceremony. He promised the members of quality services delivery but not thirst of power.

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It seems that he is finally getting support from the state. He has finally convinced Teachers Service Commission to release between Ksh. 192,000 millions to Ksh.360,000 millions that was held when Wilson was the Secretary General.

Moreso, the Teachers’ employer agreed to review salaries of teachers by agreeing to backdate salaries in favour of teachers who were initially discriminated as a result of joining the Union. This means that such teachers have a reason to smile as their cry is finally heard.

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Collins is yet to make it clear about the proposed CBA that the union has been chasing for a while now. This comes at a time when the government has been hit hard by the funds crisis. The taxes have been increased massively making food prices to hike.

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