Teachers Service Commission (TSC), has been one of the Kenya’s best commission in terms of fairness in recruitment and promotion of its employees as well as early and timely payment of its employees. Since January 2021 the Commission has been paying teachers salary between date 23-26 of every month except the month of June where it usually pays as early as date 15.

Since the financial year closes on mid June before the reading of National Bugdet, therefore, the commission payed her employees early so that they can close over to a new 2021-2022 financial year. Of course teachers are good agents of circulation of money ,these means that the early paid July salary couldn’t even last to end of that month.

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Therefore, if the salarly delays again for two more weeks, then teachers will be financial straining till they receive July salary at beginning of the month of August.

According to trusted sources inside teachers service commission, the July salary is expected to be released between Friday 6 and Friday 12 August 2021.

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The cause of this delay is due to transition from previous financial year to 2021-2022 financial year. During the transition, TSC pays June salary early so that it can get time to carry out internal auditing and compile reports for previous financial year before making request of funds from National Treasury for use in current financial year.

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Therefore teachers are advised to prepare themselves for such salary delay.

It will be only for this month then the other months it will be as usually. If the auditing process will be fast then teachers may receive their salarly by Friday 30 July.


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