Filling of Tax returns is mandatory to all kenyans with a KRA pin. However, teachers who fail to file their tac returns may be hit hard and risk missing out on July payment. This comes after Kenya Revenue Authority escalated its penalty for those who will fail to file their returns.

Further more, Kenya Revenue Authority has stated clearly that all kenyans who fail to file their returns by the 30th of June risk losing their KRA pins. Teachers cannot receive salary without a KRA pin, this is because for them to receive their pay, it must first be subjected to taxation, so by losing a kra pin, that automatically means the salary won’t get to their accounts since their salary will be with held for not paying taxes.

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The Kenya Revenue Authority published a new notice to kenyans that the kenyans who failed to file their returns earlier without showing cause will automatically lose their KRA pins after the end of the 30 days.

It has therefore come as an early warning that Teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission who fail to file their KRA tax returns on time, risk missing July’s Salary. The Kenya Revenue Authority has released a sturn warning that teachers and other kenyans should act fast or lose their KRA pins which will inturn cause their salaries to be with held.

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It should be noted that the list of pins set for cancellation are connected to an estimated 7107 individual accounts with the balance, and the majority of this accounts comprises of companies, schools and self help groups. This means if one loses a KRA pin, then he or she will be locked out of accessing very many services including opening of bank accounts.

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