In the past few weeks teachers and more especially unemployed have been in a big confusion. This is after the ministry of education gave out some measures and guidelines on future employment of trained teachers.

The ministry stated that teachers especially those who have trained as P1 teachers have to go back to collage and acquire a diploma before being employed. This has ignited a very furious debate.

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Many have argued that the government is overburdening the unemployment teachers whom most of them have overstayed on the field without being employed. Such teachers going back to collage is another burden considering that they will also be required to pay for the training again.

Many have suggested that since they already got trained in collages, it will be a good idea if the government organises for internship programmes for them. The issue of diploma courses should then be rolled out to those that will be joining collages.

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The main reason why the government decided that unemployed teachers should go back for diploma training was to help equip them with the the new curriculum knowledge (CBC). According to education stakeholders, this may bring adverse effects in the teaching field.

Many of those willing to join teaching will be scared away by the high demands of the employer. It is then right to employ those already trained and offer them

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