Teachers play an integral role in shaping and molding the character of a person. Majority of teachers employed by the Teachers Service Commission have either enrolled in different unions, Kuppet, Knut and Kusnet with the hope that they will protect and safeguard teacher’s right.

However,the signing of Collective Bargain agreement of 2021-2025 which was non-monetary and the failure by the existing unions to stop TSC from implimenting Teachers Development Development growth (TPD) angered teachers forcing them to withdraw to their membership from some unions.

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Those who have been contributing agency fee wanted to form new unions hoping that they will fight for their rights. The National Education Union and the Kenya National Union of Classroom Teachers had written to Rigistrar of Trade Unions Elizabeth Gicheha seeking the nod to push for, among others, salary increase, allowances and promotion but the she declined to register additional unions for teachers.

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This means that thousands of non union teachers will continue paying agency fee,no Salary increase until the newly signed non Monetary CBA elapses in 2025.


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