St.Brigids Girls High School Kiminini is located in Kiminini Town of Trans-Nzoia County along Kitale-Webuye road. It is a National school which traces its history to 1926 when it started as a mixed day primary school with standard 1-4 and thereafter it became a mixed intermidiate Day School.

In 1951, the boys moved to St. Joseph’s Intermidiate school near Kitale Town, while the girls became boarders under the leadership of Miss Fair Bank.

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St.Brigids Girls High School Kiminini highest mean score under two streams was 8.9 in 2008 and the highest under three streams was 10.52 in 2014. The current principal is Mrs. Inviolata Lukorito who took over from Mrs. Wanaswa in April 2014

Fees and Account Number.
For details on fees and account number, kindly contact the school’s principals office.

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Performance/KCSE Results

To get information concerning the school performance and KCSE results kindly contact the school principal using the contacts below.


St.Brigids Girls High School Kiminini
p.o box 591-30200, kitale.
Tel Number: 0711556436
situated at kiminini center along (kitale – webuye road)
School Code No: 23500003


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