The teachers service commission has now shaken the Kenya national union of teachers, after chopping off their promotions and salary increment.

Teachers who belong to knut are now sad, after their fellow teachers in kuppet were rewarded with promotions and salary increments.

The knut secretly general Mr Wilson Sossion is having a great challenge, to fight the teachers service commission for promotions and salary increment, of teachers belonging to knut.

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It is now likely to be a long and painful month, for the knut teachers as they won’t have anything extra, as they had set their minds.

On the other hand, kuppet teachers are smiling to the bank as they receive more money than before.

This is now likely to weaken the Kenya national union of teachers in future as new employed teachers might join kuppet or don’t join any union at all.

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KNUT Secretary- General decried discrimination by the commission stating that they would not be silenced urging its members to remain calm.

The wrangles between KNUT and TSC have seen many teachers leave the Union so as to get their pay rise.

Teachers can access their payslip via an online portal that allows them to download their payslips and access their details on T-Pay even on their mobile phones.

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